Cartographic v0.5

After a year’s hiatus, development on Cartographic has resumed. v0.5 should be released soon for beta testers. At this point, we’re mostly hammering out a lot of kinks in Cartographic’s internals, as well as finally adding some long ago requested features such as an easier way to pause, a nice score bar, help screens, and achievements. Most of this has already been implemented; the help screens are the only real remaining feature. A lot of bugs that we’ve received feedback on have also been fixed in the upcoming version.

While we are fairly happy with the current rate of development, the issue of graphics still remains. Cartographic contains mostly placeholder graphics from other games because we do not have a graphics designer on our team. Our current future plan, after releasing 0.5 to beta testers, is to implement and test another game mode (either Quake or Protect), and then try to publish the first version of our game. However, this cannot go through with placeholder graphics. We will keep you updated with regards to this issue.


Finally, we decided to make a Better Off Ted app. It is super simple, will be free, and awesome, and should be finished this weekend :D

App release

Both our apps should be released today.

April fools.


Apparently we have underestimated the level of our programming skills.
Über RPS’ animations are done. I amaze even myself. It is possible we MAY release earlier then planned

(I know no one actually reads this blog, but it feels good to pretend we might have one dedicated reader who can’t wait until our apps come out)


Über RPS is getting near completion, and might come out as soon as Programming week (Starting April 9th) where we will all meet for a business meeting!

RPS Update!

We have added animations after you click a button. Ironing out bugs. Will add sounds and cooler effects soon.

Possible App Release

We at Apathetic Ink are very excited! Über RPS is nearing the end of development! It is very possible that it may be submitted to Apple within a few months. More on this later.

New app idea

Well, this week we found another computer, meaning more programming!
We have come up with a new app, and we are excited to start work on it. It’ll be text based, but that’s all you get, our occasional viewer. It saddens us to see so little repetitiveness. But oh well. The new apps page will go up soon, as soon as we figure a few things out.

Jump Mode now in beta!

Jump mode is now in testing. Jump takes place in Venice, the screen moves forward, and your goal is to jump over the holes and avoid the rocks. Your score goes up steadily the longer you survive. The team at Apathetic Ink is having lots of fun testing and we hope you have fun playing when it is finally released.
Now, what makes this more fun then just going swiping up and jumping, is that the water level rises occasionally, and you have to float on the water, and, since all rocks float, they do too. Another newer thing is the number of lives dropped its a really big number. But the difference is, is that you have to jump around and catch them. Currently, the project we are working on is protect, but more on that later.

Power outage

As of September 2nd 2011 at 5:57pm EDT, we are finally back up following the mass power outages (six whole days) following Hurricane Irene’s impact on the east coast. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are happy to be back in action.